Saturday, 4 July 2015

Food and drink for the Tour de France 2015

This year's tour is going to be a culinary challenge, given its peculiar route.  Starting, as it did today, in the Netherlands and then going into Belgian and French Flanders before travelling across Normandy and Brittany for the first ten days, Stages 1 to 9 take part in beer and cider regions.  No wine until stage 10!   Even worse the wine regions the route does go through are rather esoteric, starting, for example with Juran├žon and, because of the high number of mountain stages this year, lurking in places like Haute-Savoie.

Added to this is the fact that I am now commuting every day so will not have time for extended cooking.  I think it is going to be more of a wine (and beer) and cheese Tour this year!  At least tomorrow is easy as the route goes through the town of Gouda!


  1. If you run this through a DECENT translator, you have the nr 1 typical flemish dish, ideal for the monday

  2. ..looking forward to your choices on the beer stages! :-)